Turtle Lu

Day after day, Lu watched creepy little caterpillars crawl past his window. Everywhere. Like the pitter patter of birds on a tin roof, the squirming sensation of moles crawling under the floor. The days flew by, each like the one before, monotonous. Lu lay down with the sunset every night, and awoke to the cock-a-doodle doo of the rooster outside every morning. The months passed by, the spring rain, autumn sun, leaves of fall and now…snow is falling on the roof. Lu curled up in his shell and fell into a long, deep sleep. Winter was as it always is, and soon the first rays of the sun broke through the dirty, cobwebbed window. "It looks like it's time to wake up " he thought, opening his heavy eyes. As he crept outside his house, he was in for a big surprise. The little caterpillars had grown into giant, dangerous Monsters! Huge, angry bees circled around his home, stingers ready to… well, sting! Mad urchins darted from house to house, destroying everything in their paths with fearsome needles! "This outrage must be stopped!" Lu exclaimed as he set out on his perilous journey…
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4 votes Vote

Play in a window without it changing the desktop display size in the background.

John38111, 01.07.2012, 11:55
3 votes Vote

You can turn the music off by going to options.

melinda, 01.07.2012, 21:58
3 votes Vote

Improve game installer

Crucial to any program is the installer. Some people cannot function without a "shortcut" to the program on their desktops.
Jimmy, 01.07.2012, 20:13
2 votes Vote

Listen to the music separately from the game.

First let me compliment the music, its quite enjoyable. Would really love to see a credited listing of all the musical tracks and who composed them for this game. Would also be great to have them packaged in such a way that they could be listened...
Ratha, 01.07.2012, 09:51
2 votes Vote

Make it so I can run program using my mouse & not the arrow controls, This is 2012 not 1992. Program dosen't display correctly using WinXP SP3. I find that alot of GOATD's games are that way. They want to run in SP2 mode? Anyway the graphics are jumb

skooterfd, 02.07.2012, 05:03